Don't Fall Victim to a Sudden Earthquake

Fortify your home in Reseda and Los Angeles, CA with earthquake bolts

Earthquake bolts are fastened between your mudsill and concrete surface. These bolts keep your foundation attached to your home in the event of a strong earthquake. The Best Foundation Guy uses a variety of bolt options to keep your foundation in its place.

If you're interested in strengthening your home in California with an earthquake brace and bolt, call today to schedule your appointment.

Earthquake Bolting Reseda, CA

Anchor your foundation
with earthquake bolts

Adding an earthquake brace and bolt saves your home from slipping and sliding out of place. Guard against these three issues when you get earthquake retrofitting:

  • Sliding: This occurs when your home slides horizontally away from your foundation.
  • Racking: This happens when your walls buckle and collapse on the side.
  • Overturning: This occurs when your home lifts away from your foundation vertically.

Earthquake bolts could mean the difference between a strong home and an overturned one. To schedule your appointment please call 818-391-5088.